Thursday, September 29, 2005

Things Learned/Observed on My Mini-Shopping Trip

1. I was walking down University, and I got the urge to push over a lamp post. Those things are so fragile and insecure! But then I thought, no, I'd get caught, and how on earth could I explain that away to campus security. Though I would have the honor of being in the Andersonian Security Log, I'm sure. And then I thought, gee, some modern writer like Flannery O'Connor would have a field day with that. What is that saying about society and culture and the individual?

2. Anderson drivers don't know what to do when a person attempts to cross Scatterfield. It's the most annoying thing in the world! Obviously, if I'm crossing Scatterfield, it means that I'm pretty introduced with major streets like that and how to cross them. It's all based on the understanding that you won't slow down; the street is too busy to slow down. If you slow down, but the person who is almost not quite far enough away for me to get through the two of you doesn't, then it just messes up my groove and nobody knows what to do! Shesh.

3. Walgreens is superior to CVS.

4. Birthday cards have gotten stupider over the years. Everything has either children or animals on it. I don't want a card with children or animals on it - it's for neither. I understand even less the romanitc cards that have children or animals on them. The first is a little creepy and the second is just way too kinky for me. I looked for my favorite one (On the outside it says something like "Place your tongue on this red dot and try to say Happy Birthday," and on the inside it said "Don't worry. No one in the card store could do it either."), but they didn't have it. The only quality birthday card is out of print. The trip to Walgreens redeemed my trip to CVS, but I still didn't find a card.

I wouldn't have this trouble in New York.

Monday, September 26, 2005

A Most Excellent Adventure

My friend Mike is writing about a most excellent adventure in his livejournal ( - I don't know what happened to my missing ability to make links inside my posts). Trust me, it's a good read, though it was more excellent when it actually happened.


Friday, September 09, 2005

Writing Update and Future Goals

Alright, summer's over, and it's time for me to face the music, though I've been trying to avoid this.

I didn't make my summer goal. I got a story shipped off to The Sword Review and another to Deep Magic, but I never got to Paradox or Amazing Journeys. I struggled with "Again and Again and Again" for a little while. The thing is, there's so much explanation. And I tried to cut it out, but then it doesn't work. Then I thought about rearranging it, but that proved sticky too. So either I have to think of an ingenious way to rearrange it or rewrite it, or it might be dead material. Which is sad, because it's come a long way. But to "make up" for my failure w/my third story, I entered the contest over at DM (and I've heard rumors that I'm doing ok in the voting). The only problem is, we all only submitted the first half. Then voting goes on to determine which three stories will be featured fully in the next issue (for nonstaff. For staff, we all have to finish the stories. Those who didn't make the top three are going to be subscriber only content or something). So I have to finish my story by the 20th. Eek!

As for the other two submissions, TSR declined, but I think there's enough there that I can rework it and resubmit. I was kinda hoping Johne (Phy) would comment on it, but he was really busy while it was up. Maybe the second time around. Another thought is to send it to Amazing Journeys. I think it would fit there too.

"Mark of a Saint" was a SALE though! This is my first real sale ever. I'm gonna get paid! I think. Maybe not, because I'm staff (however, that would go nicely toward my social club dues!).

That, however, is all in the past. It's time to look toward the future. Some projects I really want to work on:

National Novel Writing Month 2005: w00t!! I did it 2003, only got to about 12000 words 2004 or something, but this year I'm feeling it. Actually, it's going to be stressful. I have a lot going on, but this is really important to me. I'm determined. I think I might try for 60000 words, but I'll be happy to make the 50000. I'm thinking sword and sorcery fantasy, colorful and outrageous. Chick Lit definitely didn't work for me last year. Maybe urban/modern fantasy too. I'm not sure yet. I've also decided little to no pre planning. I did that last year too, and it obviously didn't help. Oh well. This year I'm going to get it done.

Script based on Hot Fuss: For those of you who don't know, Hot Fuss is a brilliant CD by The Killers. I swear, their music is perfect for a movie soundtrack. So I've decided I'm going to try it. I wanted to start my hand at scripts anyway, so I'll just take a few songs, listen to them, let them inspire me, be my muse, and set to it. It should be a lot of fun.

New POVs: I have a couple of different POV that I want to try. One I'm calling "third person nonsentient." I think I've read a few stories like this, where the story is third person, and you have no insight into anyone's head. All you have are their outward actions, body language, and what they say. I love the idea. I might write a column about it for TSR since I haven't in about two weeks. Another one I want to try is first person removed. The best example I can think of is The Great Gatsby. You're main POV character isn't the one that's dealing with all the action/story/tension/drama.

Eat all the sugar wafers in the world: self explanatory. But strange addictions are popping up everywhere. Just getting ready for NaNoWriMo, I guess. (Speaking of which, you're going to do it this year, aren't you, Mike? Huh? Oh, was that a yes I heard? Brilliant.)

Now, I am supposed to be taking a nap because I've gotten about 6 hours of sleep each night this week, which is very bad for me. I stay up until 200 am reading plays. Last night it was Chekov. I feel like I did him a terrible disservice by waiting that long, but things were happening.

Feel free to ask me (bug me) about any of these projects. Cheers!

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Writing Advice, III

Get a typewriter. It's about the coolest thing ever. I haven't really had a chance to play with it, yet, being busy w/school and all that stuff, but my roomie's written a ransom note on it. Now I know you're jealous.

Writing Advice, II

Something I learned while writing for my Appreciation of the Writing Craft class which was reinforced later in the lectures: use details. I was writing a scene, and I almost wrote it this way:

"She was gone before ten minutes had passed."

Then I thought, gee, that's boring. I could make this so much more interesting if I related the lapse of time with what the main character is doing. So it came out like this:

"She was gone before I had finished stocking the peanut butter."

Isn't that so much better? I like it infinitely more, at least. It's so much more interesting, more colorful, more descriptive. I'm going to try to employ this 'method' (of what? I don't really know) more and more in my writing.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

It's Church Tomorrow

It's church tomorrow, and I'm not going to the church I typically go to. In fact, I'm going to one that I'm not too crazy about (no offense, guys. Just a matter of taste). The thing is, I was sitting having a talk with one of my friends (who does go there) about the kid's ministry that she's co-in charge of or in charge of or something and about how they're having trouble getting people to commit to teaching and helping out with the kids and that they kinda needed a teacher for this Sunday. So I said, Hey, I'll do it. And Krista kinda looked at me for me a minute as if wondering if I was serious, and I confirmed that I was. She needed a break. She needed to get the stress of finding a teacher for this Sunday off her shoulders. Basically, I saw a need and decided to fill it. Even more basically, I started taking up my Christian responsibility. It's kinda sad though, that someone who doesn't even go to the church had to decide to do it. But I think this is a fault in churches all around. Why can't people just start taking Christian responsibility? I'm not saying I'm perfect at it. I'm not. I'm down right bad at it. And this is probably one of the first times that I've kinda consciously made a decision to fill a need. But it's something I need to start doing. And it's something the church needs to start doing.

At least, that's what I think.

Friday, September 02, 2005


The September issue of Deep Magic is out, and for those of you don't know, there's a contest going on right now. The staff don't get to particpate for the money prize, but we're all hoping for the bragging rights. Go vote for "Paying for Redemption!" All the staff are planning to finish their entries, but the non-winners might be subscriber content only. So if you want to read the rest of "Paying," then go vote for it. ;)

The Sword Review is also sponsoring a fund-raising contest. The theme is self-actualization, and there's a $10 entry fee. The winner will get a cut of the funds raised, so the more people who enter, the better. Reprints ARE accepted. Take a look at it; it should be a great contest.