Monday, December 10, 2007

Social Experiments

I swear there was a girl doing one on me in the elevator today. I was riding down from the sixth floor, and she got on somewhere around the fourth, and she stared, not at the numbers above the door like normal people do, no, she stared at me for the majority of the time. It was creepy. I wanted to turn to see if she really was staring at me, but what do you do when you look eyes with someone who's staring at you in an elevator?

I'm working on a short script that will require a look alike. How do you go around trying to find a look alike? I mean, auditions only go so far. Do you just sit around and stare at people? And then, if you finally spot someone who would be *perfect* for the part, how do you approach them? "Umm, hello... My name is Amy. So, I'm not so good at this, I don't do this often, but yeah... I'm a film student, and I think you would be perfect for a part I have - what kind of film? Haha, no I promise I'm not hitting on you, but you would, literally, be perfect for this part. What part is that? Well, you'd be playing Mark Zuckerberg, creator of Facebook. Uh, why are you leaving? Oh, ok. Well, can I give you my email? How are you going to call me, I didn't give you my number. Oh, ok, well, have a good night!"

Yes, I do not see that going too extremely well.

Another great social experiment? When your friends are passed out on their futons and leave their doors wide open, steal their large appliances. Who would pass up a laptop and take a microwave?

No idea. : )

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