Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Please don't write this scene -

I watched part of What Happens in Vegas the other day. It was pretty predictable but funny. The thing was, it had that scene. That scene that happens in so many romantic comedies, especially ones where the guy and the girl aren't really acting like themselves (usually nastier or more outrageous) for some reason. But it's the scene that cinches the deal for them.

It's the family scene.

The introduction to the future in-laws. Which is funny, because I feel like the first meeting with the family is stressful and not the moment where one falls in love - at least not in real life. (What? This isn't real life?) It happened in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days and in What Happens in Vegas and there's even an element in Failure to Launch (ok, I just threw that in there because it was on TV recently). But come on. Be a little more creative than - once I saw the way he coaches his niece at little league I knew he was actually sensitive and caring - or - once I saw her joking around with my weird relatives and winning at our family card game I knew she'd always make me feel at home. Gag. I know you're writing a rom com (and I love rom coms), but surprise us and be creative!

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millar prescott said...

Hi Amy - This is the problem I have with 'movies' and scripts today. It's the formula. The same old stuff that has to be in every script. It's just so tiresome. I'm frustrated and I haven't even started writing my first script.