Wednesday, February 04, 2009

If I Could Tell You...

Today I drop-kicked my iPod down the street. This is why technology and I don't get along. Or did I drop-kick it *because* we don't get along...

The day that the Panera Bread on Central Campus opens will be the best day of the semester. Somehow, I think this won't happen until my last week of school.

I keep getting Push, the acclaimed Sundance hit, and Push, the superhero blockbuster that stole superpowers from other TV shows and movies, mixed up. Which makes it confusing when I see headlines about Oprah Winfrey endorsing Push.

Hilary Swank is coming to town!

I realized I have to start doing work for my Film History class.

I would really like someone to read Current Draft to help make sure my theology is correct. I would really like someone to volunteer.

My nephew found Arrested Development fascinating and funny. He danced to the music during the credits.

They just announced a studio and talent agency that are moving to Pontiac. This swings Michigan back into the lead for places I will most likely end up after graduation.

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