Monday, June 13, 2011

Early Days and Years.

Today I got out of work early -- I think that's one of the best feelings in the world, getting out of work early. Even if you're still fatigued from being sick all weekend and you have to dive head first into car mechanics that you clearly have no clue about, it's still one of the best feelings. After topping off my coolant (duh duh duh da! I am so accomplished!), I stopped by my old university department to see if the screenplay library was open. It was not, but it was so very calm and peaceful and oh so quiet that I decided to stick around for a while and "write" aka keep my laptop closed on my lap while I rested my eyes.

I always feel awkward when I go back to campus. I love my alma mater and could easily pass as a student, but I always have this uneasy feeling of not belonging. It's only been two years, but I feel ancient compared to students today (seriously, the freshmen look like tweeners. I betcha they don't even know what POGs are).

I'm already in this nostalgic mood, and as I'm leaving the department, I see my reflection and realize the t-shirt I'm wearing is from 2005. That was six years ago. And as I'm thinking, "Holy cow! This t-shirt is ANCIENT" I'm also realizing how radically different my life is now as opposed to six years ago. Things were way different than, my geographic location, my goals, my university, my friendships, my plans, my knowledge of car engines, everything. Things have changed a lot.

I hope life is always like that. I hope every once in a while I wax nostalgic and get to marvel at the way I travel from point A to B to C to Q. And it's inspiring to think that in five years my life could be just as radically different as it was five years ago.

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Devon Ellington said...

That's part of the beauty of growth -- you are in a different, and better, place two years, five years, from now than where you are now.

That doesn't mean now isn't good -- but, trust me, it all gets better! ;)