Monday, April 26, 2004

Save the Whales and Kill the Babies

I went to Aquire the Fire over this weekend, an awesome Christian teen conference down in Balitmore, and one of the speakers there spoke about sex. She told us that if we took all the American deaths in all the wars in the last hundred years, World War I through the Iraq operation now, it would not equal the number of babies killed every year by abortion.

How can we do this? How can we be silent and let this happen? How can we be accomplices to murder? It's time I commit myself to taking a stand against this crime, and I challenge all to do the same. This is not a choice of a woman - this is the life of a child. The phrase "It's a child not a choice" may seem over used, but it's so true. How can we claim the power to decide whether or not a baby lives or dies? What gives us that so called "right?" And how can we take away the baby's right - the right to live? It's a shame that we have so degraded human life.

For those of you who are unconvinced that life begins at conception, I challenge you to read "ProLife Answers to ProChoice Agruments" by Randy Alcorn. If you are so sure that an unborn baby is not a life, then it is no threat to you. But what if you're wrong? Can we stand to err on the side of murder? Will you refuse to take this book and read it? Are you afraid of being wrong?

If there was one issue that I could choose to mark the grave importance of this year's election, I think it would be abortion. The President has always been in support of life. How can Mrs. Heinz Kerry say that she believes abortion is "stopping the process of life" and yet be pro-choice (see article below)? Isn't "stopping the process of life" also known as killing, murder? How dare Senator Kerry say "...the goverment should stay out of the bedrooms of Americans"? This is not about the privacy of Americans. This is about the sanctitiy of the lives of Americans. As much as you value the lives of the soldiers in Iraq, Mr. Kerry, so value the lives of the babies here. This is not an issue about the lifestyles Americans choose, about their sexual lifestyles. This is about the murder of millions. How dare you twist the issue! The Kerry's are trying to walk both sides of a decisive line. You cannot have "rare but... safe and legal" abortion. How would you propose to do this, Senator Kerry? And if you make it rare, why is that? Is it because you believe it is the killing of a child? Is it because you believe it is wrong? And if it is morally wrong, how can we make it legal? If it is murder, how can we legislate that? If you are not against abortion, Senator Kerry, you are for it. You cannot walk this rope without falling.

The decision you make this coming November about the President of the United States is crucial. Our nation is in a moral crisis that we must all pull together and work to rectify. It's time to stand up and do something about this. If we don't, how many more babies will die? Who could I save if I just worked a little, talked to a few people, prayed a little harder? What could her name be? What might his children look like?

Are we really this cruel and heartless? Are we really this morally deluded?

How many more thousands of babies are we ready to sacrifice?

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