Sunday, June 03, 2007


When I was younger, I wanted to take karate lessons. You know how some little girls wanted to be poofy dresses and some girls wanted to wear overalls and play baseball with the boys? Basically, I wanted to be the butt-kicking princess. I forget why, but my parents didn't want me to take karate lessons. Maybe they knew how dangerous I could be... Well, I came back from a break at college, and the boys were taking karate lessons - with dad! Let me tell you, I've been ruminating on gender theories for a couple of weeks now, and there will be a post about it.

I really thought I was getting over some of my more clumsy attributes, but an orange juice and a white skirt would disagree.

I finished the divorce party short. It needs quite a lot of help, still, but the rough is done. My friends suggested a happy ending, and I thought about it, I really did, but with the themes of second thoughts and consequences just wouldn't work as well then. Sorry, girls. Two days of work on Whatever You Ask has brought me up to a word count of 4703, and I'm pretty determined to aim for 5000 before I go to sleep. Friends did just come on, but I think it's a rerun. Well, obviously it's a rerun...

Only a week and a half of my temp job left, yay! I've been seeing our shopping carts in all the weirdest places.

I'm about ready to finish Act I of Whatever You Ask, so those extra 300 words should roll easily. I was worried about falling into cliches in Act I, but I've managed to either reasonably disguise them when they appear. My dialog hasn't been as snappy as I had hoped, and I'm not nailing the playa character quite so well. Is that because I haven't met enough guys who actually can flirt well or because I'm not so good at playing the game myself anymore? I'd like to say it's the former, but I'm not sure I even care.

Number of times I've listened to Joshua Radin/Jack's Mannequin/Mat Kearney songs I've listened to over again? Who's bothering to keep track?

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