Friday, June 29, 2007

Bug Bites on your Feet are not Fun

I wish I had time to talk about how amazing camp is. But I'm the last one of my day off party to be still on the computers in the library, so short it will be.

I finished Script Frenzy! It's awful, my script, for sure, and rewriting will be writing new stuff completely, but I"m glad it's done, and I think there's still a workable story in there somewhere.

Camp is so cool. Campers start coming tonight for a Mother/Daughter weekend, and then we get real campers on Sunday. I found out last night that I'm counseling the first week (we have one more counselor than tents in our division, so we have one "floater" a week), and I'm in Heffalump tent! Yeah, in the Explorer division (the eldest campers) all the tents are named after Winnie the pooh characters. It's awesome. As far as modeling the way that God wanted the church to train up the next generation, for older women to mentor younger ones, camps is great. It's really an amazing feeling to be able to step up to a leadership position like this. And we too have older, more mature women over us, leading and teaching us. That doesn't really happen in the real world. You have your pastor and your Bible study leaders and stuff, but to have this sort of blatant mentorship and leadership going on, it doesn't happen. It's cool to see it the way God wanted it. And camp is also a great place because even though you get to mentor and lead and learn from other women, you also get to be outrageous and silly and have more fun than should be allowed. I'm pretty much super happy (okay, and a little nervous about the campers coming in two days!)

Hope all is going well on the outside world!


Anonymous said...

sounds fun! :)

i miss you!

Josh said...

Congrats on finishing another one, kid. Send it my way when you get the chance.