Tuesday, January 01, 2008

It'll be great in 2008!

As for reflective end/beginning of year post, all I have is this:

My uni had a bowl game this year. My uni also had a bowl game last year. My uni is number one when it comes to number of consecutive bowl years (ok, I'll stop bragging now). Last year I was sitting in a hotel room on January 1st with my father and a friend just a few miles south of my uni town, snickering over how USC's quarterback's name was Booty, waiting for the time when we would drive into town, for the first time as a student, and move me into my new home. This year at 1:00 pm I came down the stairs to hear my mom shouting, "Oh, it's 1:00! Amy! It's 1:00 - it's time for the game!" I've hear that my mom has become quite the fan, but it made me smile that she was getting just as riled as I was during the game. My dad finally made it in about halftime and after a few minutes said that he might have to watch the game in a different room than us.

In between these two football games that were almost one year apart to the hour, a lot of stuff happened. Enough material for many stories. I won't bore you right now; I'll make you pay $9 to suffer through it on the big screen in about five years.

In writing, when you open and close a story with a certain image, motif, theme, situation, whatever, they call it "bookending." 2007 was perfectly bookended by two football games. For a girl who attends the uni with the longest bowl game streak, that may not seem like a big deal. But when you look at my writing, you'll see that I tend to like bookending in my stories. A lot.

I'm sure that says something about my psyche. What? I simply haven't the time to figure it out.

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