Tuesday, February 26, 2008

This post is nothing but procrastination against working on my Current Draft.

So tonight I put on my dancing shoes skipped on over to a "silver citizens" karaoke night (don't ask how I got in; my secrets are my own). My screenwriting professor told me the other week that my combination of situation and setting was unique and interesting. The funny thing is, in that scene and in others that I would gamble he'd find similarly interesting, the combination wasn't anything I fixed. It's just how it really happened. Writers need to keep their eyes open. As I was sitting at dinner, I realized that I no longer keep pen and paper on me and what a disadvantage that puts me at.

The other day I did something not so smart. I was staying with my friend, and in the morning after I brushed my teeth and came back from the bathroom, I tried to jump onto the bed. However, my knee struck the footboard and I doubled over it. Suffice to say, that jump was not successful.

Quarterlife is going to be on TV tonight. It's the first internet-to-network show. I was hoping to watch me some Quarterlife, and still might view it via the web if I can't watch it tonight, but it would be interesting to compare the presentation of it on both the internet and the network.

Whenever I see the ads for 10,000 BC I think of Intolerance. Oh, silent era cinema.


Just Mike said...

Did you get to see QuarterLife? I watched part of it. Pretty impressive, I thought. The epitome of the postmodern generation.

You can fight it, but you were born into it. You don't really have a choice. You got a bit of the postmodern in you too.

Anonymous said...

Did you participate in their karaoke? Because that would have been SUPER fun- I totally would have done that! : )