Tuesday, March 25, 2008

It was a clue.

Our GSIs are out striking today and tomorrow. Apparently, the undergrads are supposed to support them by not going to class. I don't see how this is a great option for me, so I go to class anyway. I am afraid of getting eaten.

One of my friends asked me if I'd be interested in talking to a reporter about the strike, to which I responded with a definite no. Hey, I can recognize when I'm uneducated about something. I am sympathetic towards strikers in general, but I do think each one should be evaluated on the unique situation. I think, though, the recent writers' strike makes me feel a little guilty when I skirt around the picket circles to enter buildings through another door.

On the up side, it means that three of my four classes tomorrow are canceled, so all I have is screenwriting at 6. And the last half of our second acts are due, so you know I'll probably be pulling another, albeit smaller, sprint.

Speaking of screenwriting, I met with my professor yesterday. He said very nice things about my writing which caused me to immediately call my mother to brag and reassure her that I would not be starving on the streets of LA when I graduate.

LA. Scary as all heck sometimes, but I'm getting more and more excited about it. Or maybe it's just the fact that we got 6 inches of snow the second day of spring and it still hasn't all melted.

Does anyone else revert to middle school flirting tactics sometimes? Maybe it's just me... My two favourites: stealing things/planning pranks and avoidance. I mean, I'm sure guys love it when you tease them incessantly - or just plain out avoid them. That's effective too. : )

I went to take a nap this afternoon, just an hour or two. I woke up four hours later. It was pretty sad. And in my dream, I was murdered. It was freaky and I thought it was real.

I swear I had something real to say in this post. Wish I could remember what.

Watching Garden State. I looove this movie. "Hey guys, don't stay in here all day. I took the batteries out of the carbon monoxide detector - it was beeping all night."

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Liza said...

I'm pretty sure that I revert to middle school flirting strategies too. Avoidance is a good one.. I had to give up the giggling though, it was getting to obvious.