Friday, May 09, 2008

Oh my poor heart.

Oh, Lost. Lost, Lost, Lost. Why do you torment my heart so? You make characters I love so unhappy, you make perfectly lovely people creepy, and now you're playing with the timeline. I just - I'm getting too involved! Why can't we all just get along? I just feel like we need to have a happy episode interlude right about now.

Apparently - I didn't realize this during the school year, really - but all my favourite shows come on on Thursdays. I had to catch up with last week's Lost, make sure I watched Scrubs because Zach Braff said it was going to be hil-ar-ious (meh), continue my obsession with the Office and Pam and Jim, catch the new episode of Lost and worry furiously over Claire, then watch the obligatory hour of Sex and the City that I always get sucked into when I come home.

Gross. I don't ever want to watch that much TV again.

I have wanted to watch the pilot of Pushing Daisies. It sounds great and cute and unique. When I finally watch it, I will let you know what I think.

I watched Once the other night. It was good. A lot of music, but I enjoyed it (see below). The story was simple and beautiful. The shooting and cinematography - this was interesting - it seemed very hand-held home-movie, which oscillated between straining on the eyes and working really well. Overall I think I really liked it. I liked that what was most important was the music and the story, not flashy camera set ups or perfection. Very European - but I have a tendency to try to glorify anything as faintly Italian NeoRealism. In short, if you're like me and are always a little late catching up with the band wagon, it is worth the watch.

So I finally joined MySpace. Friend me!

I'm working with Zoetrope now - for the third time? I've finally submitted my first review. I have to do three more before I can see any that are done for me. So The 4:05/Connections is live on the reading page - if anyone wants to read what I've been bragging about/loving on for the past year or so, that's where you can find it. Love your opinions!

Speaking of writing, I'm leaving the house early(ish) tomorrow and spending as much time away as needed to get some productive writing done. I will let you know how that experiment goes...

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