Saturday, May 10, 2008

Who *isn't* in the mood for a little depression?

Dear Reader. Dear, dear Reader.

Do you remember, dear Reader, me mentioning how going to the movies turned into an awfully trying event for me this past semester for some odd reason - I'd tear up at the silliest of movies (27 Dresses and PS I Love You - heck, I probably would have sniffled at The Purple Rose of Cairo tonight if I had been paying full attention). I'm proud to say, though, that not once did I actually cry at these films. My track record was surprisingly water free.

However, last night I watched Atonement... to my demise.

I cried, Reader. Not until the very end, but there were tears - yes, more than one. How terribly depressing that movie was. So beautiful but so tragic. So hopeful and yet... not. Oh, I definitely recommend it, no doubt about it.

Just make sure you watch it with people you're comfortable crying with.

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Liza said...

I went and saw that movie with Aghogho and we were both so thoroughly depressed after the movie that we couldn't hang out for about a week or so without thinking about it and becoming depressed all over again.

But it was quite an amazing movie.