Monday, December 07, 2009


PostSecret has a cool video on its website this week. I think I recognize some of the locations from Central Park.

So I really like music. Unfortunately, I'm not good at finding music on my own. Most of my library comes from soundtracks to movies and TV shows or friend recommendation. Overall, though, I'm a little embarrassed to say that my music tastes are pretty pedestrian. Lady GaGa's "Bad Romance"? Love it. I will always stop for Whatcha Say, Tik Tok, and any Kelly Clarkson. On the flip side, I can barely stand Daughtery or that Empire State of Mind song. With three stations that play Top 40, some songs get rammed into you like a jack hammer. I have literally toggled between Z100 and 923Now when they're playing the exact same song. More than once.

I haven't been a diligent writer. I like to blame the holidays, because it's a very effective way to pass the buck. Who's going to argue with me over Christmas? I need to pick a project, though. Rewrite of Keys to the Garden or continued work on my collab spec? I have a YA novel idea I'm playing around with that I really like. Getting a day job has definitely increased my respect for full time writers who once juggled a job and writing at night - and sometimes with a family too. Inspiring.

However, I do have plans to write a travel narrative after my New Years' vacation with my best friend to Vegas and LA. Oh yes, that's called hitting inspiration before it hits you.

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