Sunday, December 13, 2009

Less freezing rain and more snow

Apparently, a girl knowing what an onside kick is not impressive enough these days. Well, I don't know if it ever was, but then again, I just heard the term "blocking in the back" a few weeks ago.

The days are full of Christmas and bad weather. Tonight is the second meteor shower of the fall that I won't get to see because it's too cloudy. My mom and I have made 17 different kinds of cookies, and one batch of dough is chilling in the fridge to be cut and baked tomorrow. This is a very important batch because it will be the record breaker for us. We've only ever made 17 kinds of Christmas cookies. It was my personal goal to break the record. And I still have more kinds I want to try. Other than that, I miss the usual semester's end rush to get things done. Maybe because when you have "I HAVE to get this screenplay done," you actually feel like you're doing important things. Or that at the very least, you DO get them done.

And I haven't gotten any writing done. That's mainly why I blog so little these days. I would just switch the focus of this blog a little but 1. I feel a little weird blogging more about my personal life and my job and 2. this "chronicles in screenwriting" blog is one of the few places that fuels me with any guilt at all about not writing.

On the writing front, the only real news is that I didn't get the ABC/Disney TV writing fellowship. I knew my chances weren't all that great, but how nice it would have been. This is definitely a contest I will want to enter again. And I haven't gotten my official rejection yet, but all the finalists are traditionally notified the week of Thanksgiving.

It's the holidays. I'll just watch Elf again.

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Jen | Large Format Posters said...


I'm an online writer who doesn't get to write for herself much these days, so I just feel sad when writers like you are here and promising, but you don't get much writing down at all. Write as a gift for yourself this Christmas! :D