Tuesday, March 02, 2010

What you should be writing and why

I tried to laugh it off when I wiped out in the melting slush in the middle of the street this morning, but I should have known it was going to be one of those days. I came home from work and immediately stuffed myself with cookies and 30 Rock. I will blame it all on being exhausted from staying up too late to watch all 3 unsatisfying hours of the Bachelor last night. Sorry, Bachelor. It never would have worked between us anyway, Jake. I'm too much like Ali, and you're too much like my ex-boyfriend.

It's Day 11 of my 90 days of productivity. I have done something, in any small way, to make progress on my scripts every single day. Though if I keep up the rate I'm going at, 90 days of productivity isn't going to make that much of a dent in my career. I've been focusing primarily on two scripts, Keys to the Garden and my TV pilot. As I was notecarding one day, I thought about this. 90 days falls conveniently close to the summer contest deadlines. Am I focusing on the right projects? What kind of script does each contest ask for? I decided to do some research on the contests I was interested in as well as a few extra.

Austin Film Festival - Features, Current Specs
AAA Creative Screenwriting Contest - Features, Specs
Creative Screenwriting Expo - Features, Specs
Disney/ABC TV Fellowship - Current Specs
Film Independent Screenwriters Lab - Features
Script Magazine's Big Break - Features
Scriptapalooza - Current Specs, TV Pilots, Features
Script PIMP - Feature, TV Pilot, Spec
Silver Screenwriting Competition - Features
Slamdance - Features, TV Pilots
Nicholl Fellowship - Features
Warner Bros. TV Workshop - Current Specs
Zoetrope - Features

So maybe I should put away the pilot for a while and pull out the Bones spec again. It could use 3 months of work. If anyone has any other information to share about contests, please add it on!

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