Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Another kind of deadline

Last week we got our contracts for next year. We're supposed to have them returned by Friday.

So now a decision I've been pondering and rationalizing and hypothesizing about for the past three months has to be made in three days. I like to think I'm closer to figuring out what happens next.

I used to think that, for a change, I'd like to take the easy way out for a while. But every single one of my options is a mixture of pros and cons. There is no right answer, which is both liberating and terrifying. The most difficult part is making the choice. Once a course of action has been plotted, it's just a matter of how you make it work, not whether you will make it work. So whatever amount of gumption I have, I have to get it together by the end of this week.

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