Monday, February 09, 2004

Job Market

When it comes to the economy, I'm not an expert. I know that when the stock market is up, that's good, and when it's down, that's bad. I know that when I get money I usually spend it. I know that tax cuts are cool because they mean I get money to spend. I know that soon I will have no money because of college.

I also know that I can easily find a job, and this is what puzzles me. I've heard that the economy is bad, it's hard to find a job, look at the unemployment rate. I say, look at all those "Now Hiring!" signs. I'd bet you that if I went out today and put my mind to it, I could find a job within a week. I held one temporarily during December because a family member had connections to a place that needed an extra hand during the holidays. I made good money, which I promptly put back into the economy through Christmas present shopping. In a few weeks, I'm going to be back on the hunt again (not like I really hunted before), and I'm confident I'll find a place with ease and haste. Now, I'm not going to be working at the most prestigious places. Nope, cashiers and hostesses aren't glitzy jobs, but they're jobs. Toy's R Us was hiring previously, Pizzeria Uno said they'd hire me in January, I'm pretty sure I saw a sign for jobs in the Coconuts window. And these are things I've just seen when driving by. Are these the best jobs, the highest paying? No. Will they necessarily give you enough to live off of? That depends on your family, your rent, your eating habits, if you really need that gym membership or that satelitte dish. I honestly can't say if all the jobs that are out there will pay for your standard of living. But I'm puzzled when someone screams, "Look at unemployment!" because I look, and what I see is a crowd of eager employers.

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