Saturday, August 11, 2007

I think we lost Hawk

Normally, it doesn't take 2 days to travel from Indiana to Albany. Apparently, I am just the special exception.

When I got back, all the Explorer counselors ran out of Pooh Corner saying "Capri! Capri!" and jumping up and down. It was precious. And the girls in my tent had punkd my bed with tulle and given me cute craft presents (as CILTS they have to give away all the crafts they make. Lucky CILT counselor! :) )

It's my last week of camp. It's sorta a strange week. We have a drama camp, and instead of counseling the few few girls we actually have attending, I'm on the "core staff" for drama week. It'll be interesting.

I'm starting to write a little more. Getting back into the habit. Trying to find my voice and style, which is what I think I've been struggling with the past couple of projects and why I've been so unsatisfied with them.

This is the last normal day off I'm going to have. It makes me a little sad, but I've also pretty much decided today that the default plan for next summer is to come back. It's that awesome.

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