Wednesday, June 04, 2008

I am going to be an awesome aunt

Look what I got for the baby!

I was thinking about how resilient people are. I mean, really, we go through a lot of crap. All the time. Bad choices are made, people are hurt, things go out of control. Everyone's got a story or two or three. And yet, we keep going. What is it about hope? I just marvel at everyone sometimes, how amazingly brave people are. Indomitable. I hope people see how strong they are sometimes. We just need that encouragement sometimes.

And it's another thing when you realize what it is that keeps you going. I can be sort of a cynic sometimes. But to have an eternal source of joy and hope to combat the frustration that comes just from being a person in this world - but, I hate to be a Mastercard commercial, you know?

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Alex said...

Wait? What baby? Are you pregnant!?...

OOOOO, you mean your sister's baby. I get it. Man, for a second there I thought you went crazy at the Shore or something...haha