Thursday, June 12, 2008

I miss My Boys.

I phase out of TV a lot. I didn't really have any shows that I was following, except for cycles of America's Next Top Model. Then I got involved in Lost, and I love it. I started watching The Office socially, and I binge watch DVD episodes of it. But when I come to my parents' house, and I don't have much to do, I watch a lot more TV. My most recent obsession? My Boys.

The funny thing, I never really watched it when I watched it. It just came after another show, and I would always have it in the background while I played on my computer. (You know what I miss? Scarab of Ra. That was an awesome game.) I think I related to the premise of one girl with a group of guy friends. But osmosis worked, and last week the episode ended on a cliffhanger, and I've had to wait a week to find out the answer to who PJ brought with her to Italy! So now I'm nominally interested. As in, interested enough to continue watching the reruns through tomorrow until I leave for the land of no technology what so ever.

But I love Lost most of all. It's sorta redeemed TV for me, I think, though I'm not like a TV junkie or anything. But I think that there are some really good stories being told in very well crafted ways on TV right now.

I like drinking tea at night, but it's been too hot to think about it the past couple of days. It's finally cooled down, and I can enjoy a nice cuppa tonight.

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