Wednesday, July 07, 2010


This weekend Roommate J and I watched Paranormal Activity. I thought it was great, but I didn't really find it that scary. Here are some reasons why --

1. Always watch scary movies with someone who is more scared than you are. I watched Blair Witch Project with BFF D. That way I can alleviate tension by teasing them for being scared.

2. Analyze the filmmaking while watching. I kept thinking about how the budgetary constraints made any special effects near impossible, which limited the amount of scary things they could do.

3. Check how long the movie runs before starting, then keep watching the timer on the DVD to see how far you're into the movie and how much time you have left. This helps you determine when the third act, and therefore the really scary parts, are coming.

4. Know the ending before you start watching. I mean, I didn't know *everything* about the ending. But I knew the basic idea.

5. Watch while hugging a pillow and through your fingers.

Surefire ways to make a scary movie seem not scary.

I started working on a film on Monday (and by working, I mean I'm paid in connections and relationships. Which is actually what I want right now. Though some money wouldn't be bad either). I'm having a wonderful time. These next few weeks are going to be super educational, super hard sometimes, and super fun.

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