Thursday, July 15, 2010

Working 6 to 6, what a way to make a living

I have been hard at work this past week and a half.

The film I've been working on since last Monday started shooting a week ago. This means 12-14 hour days. The last four days have been night shoots, from 6 pm to 6 am. I hate taking naps, so sleeping during the day was really difficult for me. Also, lesson learned, after a night shoot, you want to go straight to bed, not hang around awake for a couple more hours to go have breakfast with your normal lifestyle friends. Also, I missed seeing my friends. Working such long hours means it's difficult to see much of them anyway, but working nights meant that I'd *maybe* see my roommates as I was grabbing some dinner at 7 am and they were heading off to work. But after our shoot wrapped yesterday at 6 am we have until tomorrow morning off, and it's blissful. It's easy to readjust to sleeping at night.

I've been learning a lot. The last three days, the PA who normally helps out with AC has been gone, and because I nagged the 1st AD about getting involved in more technical stuff, he put me in as the sub. Basically all I did as an AC was switch out dead batteries on the camera and move the monitor around, but I ALSO was in charge of the slate. I love being slate girl. I was in more shots than any one actor these past three days. Ok, but I really did like AC. And it gave me an excuse to be on set on the time. When the AC PA comes back, I might just follow him around and be the 2nd. Not that there's enough for for a 2nd AC, but it beats hanging out off set waiting to be sent on a run.

The last two days have been such dead days for the PAs, mostly because of the location we were at. But I would walk off set and see people just hanging out, nothing to do, waiting for the next job (not just PAs. Wardrobe, makeup, lighting, etc). I don't really want to spend my time like that. If I'm not on set, I'm going to be bothering Grip and Electric about their jobs and their equipment (I love our G&E department. They're super awesome). I'm going to ask Set Design about their background and how they approach a project. I may even hang out by the editing booth and try to absorb some Final Cut technique. I really, almost surprisingly because it's been so good, enjoy the people I work with and just hanging out with them, but I'm getting paid in experience so I'm going to make sure I get as much of it as I possibly can.

Other than that, I haven't been writing at all. So, that kinda sucks.

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