Sunday, August 01, 2010


We wrapped the feature I was working on Thursday morning. Well, technically we wrapped Thursday afternoon after they reshot the footage from the last tape that was accidentally erased before being downloaded. The wrap party was Thursday night. All the rumors about wrap parties are true.

One of the grips said to me after I took the 2nd AD position, "You've got this new glow. You're really owning this step up." First of all, our grips are so awesome and sweet. But I really did enjoy being 2nd AD, and I was thinking about how this is one of the few times, maybe one of the only times, that I felt I really really excelled at something. I feel that in life I manage to get second best or top ten fairly frequently. But to really really excel at something is often out of reach for me.

I really feel that I rocked it out.

But now I'm jobless. And that, my readers, sucks.

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