Monday, September 20, 2010

Get rich slowly.

I think I've reached that level of unemployment where I have to stop buying things.

This sucks because we're still working on our new apartment, and all I want before Christmas is that bedside table lamp from Target that my roommate also has. That isn't weird if we have the same bedroom furniture, is it? I like to think it ties the whole apartment together.

In a very real way, I've only worked one payed week since moving to Michigan, the week I was bumped up to 2nd AD during the July film. My bank statements are no longer so... reassuring. There are several ways to deal with this --

1. Buy less stuff. This also means going out to eat less and buying fewer mint mochas, which I didn't think I did with great frequency... but then again I looked at my debit card usage over the past month. Huh. That's interesting.

2. Get a job. Well duh. The thing is I'm still waiting for Big Hollywood Movie to come to town. I suspect they're still in Chicago shooting, because they're a Big Hollywood Movie and they can destroy their budget by staying over schedule in one location for a month. However, I do not have a big budget to wait for them. I'm going to use every method of information extraction I know -- and I watched all of Alias -- to see if they're still planning on coming to Detroit, when, and how much longer I can wait for them. I *hate* to consider other jobs, because this is a resume show-stopper job, but student loans wait for no one. Not even Big Hollywood Producer/Directors to finally get their act together with their schedule.

3. Ask for handouts. Just kidding! But if I do I'll have to get a puppy. People are always more sympathetic if they are getting two sets of puppy dog eyes.

On the other hand, I feel like I've never been committed to my writing so determinedly. [Not sure how that always translates into productivity, but the feelings sure are nice.] Maybe it's because I'm starting to be desperate to do that and that alone for a living. Unfortunately, no matter how furiously I start to crank out content, any sort of financial result will be in the far distance future. Why are there no writing get rich quick schemes?

UPDATE: Just finished internet stalking. Production on Big Hollywood Movie in Detroit is closing down. Thanks, BHM, for leading me on, for not returning my phone calls or emails, for being a disorganized mess that wasted my time AND ruined my travel plans. How is it that some of the top professionals in this business can be so UNprofessional?

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