Wednesday, September 08, 2010


The film I'm working on next has been delayed again. I've started to miss working, which is sorta a strange feeling. I try to be productive. I try not to eat my days away.

I do mean literally eat. Try sitting at home most of the day with a dozen s'more cupcakes from a dinner party beckoning from the kitchen counter. Nobody misses disappearing leftovers...

Scott Meyers recently posted on the importance of outlining. Whenever someone I respect tells me to do something I don't like, my productivity is knocked down several percentage points as I try to procrastinate. Eventually I suck it up and take my computer to the coffee shop where I bang out a few more scenes on my beat sheet for "The Exit Strategy." Scott persuaded me with his fateful argument that outlining should make writing more fun. Right now I'm thinking a writing partner would make writing more fun. A writing partner who does all the writing.

Yesterday I slept until noon. It was embarrassing. In my defense, I was up late the night before and I slept horribly. Today I vowed to get up earlier. Which shouldn't be hard, getting up in the
morning. I did get up earlier, and one of the first things I read was this --

HBO Greenlights Judd Apatow/Lena Dunham Coming-of-Age Pilot

Judd Apatow, old news. Lena Dunham is a 24 year old writer/director/actor who's made two features, numerous shorts and web series, and who now gets a chance at being an HBO showrunner.

It blows my mind. How does this even happen for people -- at
24? What do I need to be doing with my life to get there? Or is Dunham just less of a hack than I am?

Ok, so once I got over my initial bout of jealousy, I decided to check Dunham out some. She has a lovely website, all her shorts and trailers up on her Vimeo page, and keeps it current with a blog and a Twitter account. I hope she has a blast shooting her pilot and that HBO will pick it up for a series. I also hope that I will soon make friends with someone who subscribes to HBO and Showtime, because I am tired of missing out on good TV.

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