Monday, April 30, 2007

How iTunes really makes its money.

I like iTunes, a lot. It fulfills my musical instant gratification. I'm the type of person who instantly falls in love with a new song and listens to it on repeat for three days straight, and iTunes is very helpful towards that.

However, iTunes is also a constant source of frustration. When you go to look for a song, a specific song, you find that you are invariably faced with too many choices. I mean, this should be easy, right? You know what song you're looking for. And then, all of a sudden, there are covers, tributes, edits, the same song from different albums, etc. etc., and you can't even tell which *version* you're looking forward.

Invariably, I pick the wrong version.

This has happened to me twice recently. Two dollars for two songs, not a bad deal, true, but one version I will never listen to, as I've downloaded the wrong version of a song and had to, therefore, go back and get the right one. Shame on me. Instant gratification strikes back.

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