Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Standing on a road, Holding a burning match

If I had a super power, I would slow time. I wouldn't want to be able to speed it up or travel around in it, because I have this feeling that would get terribly complicated. Just slow it down. And be able to take people with me.

I used to have weird issues with time. I still do to some extent, but I'm getting better. I used to look forward sooo much. Now I'm much happier to live in the moment. In fact, the moments go by too fast. I don't get to appreciate them, I don't get to rest in between them, I don't get to think about them.

I miss reading for fun. I'm making time for it now, bringing scripts with me to meals and on the bus ride to work. It's so relaxing. I don't make time to write. Maybe that's why I'm up at 2:00 AM posting on my blog. If I could slow time, I would be able to do all my work, hang out with my friends, and get a decent amount of sleep. What a wonderful super power.

Really, I just want to be able to freeze time so I can think. I'd like to freeze everything and go sit somewhere with a pen and a journal and just *mull* life over. Sometimes I feel like I don't even know *what* I'm thinking, just that I have all these thoughts in my head that need to be considered. I'm just contemplative with things that I *know* are important, but I never really think about them. I can't even write about what I'm feeling. It hasn't congealed into a coherent thought yet.

I wish I could slow time. Freeze everything just to breathe.

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