Sunday, April 27, 2008

There are a lot of things I wish to blog about: Billy Mernit's thoughts on 27 Dresses and my response, blogging, blogging and Hollywood, feminist film theory in real life and proof of our patriarchal mindset, what I'm going to write next, the disappearance of M's more eligible bachelor, my year in review, and lots and lots of other things.

Unfortunately, I cannot blog about any of these things. Because I have to go to bed. At midnight in the summer - I know! But tomorrow I'll be embarking on a grand road trip from our little college town down to the Great Smokey Mountains where I will be spending the week camping and hiking. I think I've packed everything, but of course will not know for sure until three hours into the trip when I will suddenly realize I left something vitally important at the house. It will be glorious and adventurous and refreshing - and apparently dangerous. I have been given dire warnings by two of my family members about the dangers of four girls camping by themselves. I'm not sure which is more worrisome - the mountain bears or the mountain men, carrying their women away a la Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. I'm waiting until the day that my own daughter is off trekking through Latin America or backpacking through Europe before I tell my mom all the stories I have from traveling in Europe.

I'm really excited. I'm going with girls I love but haven't seen enough of this past year. I've heard the Smokey Mountains are beautiful. And there are no showers at the state park campground, so the only way to get clean is to swim in the waterfall pools - which is probably illegal but oh well. Not that I do a lot of illegal things, of course.

Oh, and one of the other girls is also a film major. So of course we're bringing cameras.

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Alex said... take showers?

Hope you have fun on your trip. I bought you something in Paris, email me an address so that I can send it to you.