Tuesday, January 19, 2010


For the last month my wireless has been nonresponsive. It hasn't picked up any networks anywhere. I had a fifteen foot range from the Ethernet cable jack in our living room. Wires?! Seriously? More than mildly frustrating, and no, it didn't help me be more productive. Well, maybe I read more.

I just got my computer back from the Apple Store (go figure, when we brought it in, it worked perfectly for them. Stupid genuises. Genuisi.). In addition to magically fixing my internet, they replaced the plastic around my keyboard which was cracked and my keyboard itself since I had started to wear the letters off again. It's like a brand new computer. I love it. I love the Apple Store. I think they release some sort of airborne drug through the ventilation that makes you happy as soon as you walk in.

I'm writing this from under the covers on my bed. It's so delicious. I can watch tv in my room again (which is especially nice during football weekends)! I can do "research" (aka access Facebook) while writing at Barnes and Noble again. Ah, freedom, freedom to waste time anywhere in a plethora of ways.

I'm glad I have a terrible memory and the days before wireless are a murky haze. They must have been horrible.

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