Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Too Cool for School

My first thought upon receiving the 2010 Jan/Feb issue of Script was that they had made a terrible mistake. They are a writer's magazine, and the guy on the cover was clearly not a writer. Look at this guy --

No writer looks like that. But he is a writer. A writer/director. Ooh. I see. Wait. A fashion designer turned writer/director.

I knew he had too much "style" to be just a writer.

But I can top off that trendy. Today while being my own chic writerly self with my frappacino and my MacBook, I verily did witness a middle aged knitting club sitting in the Starbucks cafe in a Barnes and Noble. Can you get anymore hip than that? Maybe by not using the word hip? But wait, what is that on the table?

Oh, Fitzgerald, Austen, and Wells, she's got a Kindle.

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