Saturday, June 12, 2010

Pancakes and Princes

Let's talk about the best pancake place in the world. I went there today with my girl friends from high school. Pancakes the size of your face and over 100 types to choose from. It's where the girls from Sex and the Suburbs would go.

Firefighter Friend and I went to see Prince of Persia last night. Last minute he tried to persuade me to go see Sex and the City instead. I refused. The whole point of going to the movies with boys is to see those flicks your girl friends won't go see. And did he honestly want to go up to the box office and say, dressed in his firefighter's t-shirt, "Two for Sex and the City please"? I don't think so.

I know that it's the third weekend for Prince of Persia, but the movie theatre was virtually empty. There couldn't have been ten people there. When FF and I went to go see Robin Hood, he tricked me into not getting to the movie theatre as early as I would have liked for seats by slowing me down with ice cream. Since there always seem to be plenty of seats when we go to the movies, I no longer have a reason to show up to the movie theatre early other than I like movie theatres.

Prince of Persia was fun. It was just - so - long. I think it was longer than Robin Hood. And FF and I had the "surprise" bad guy pegged three minutes in. Still was glad to go see it.

Happy about the US-England tie, since I support both teams. Wish our goal had been more about our skill and less of the goalkeep's blunder though.

I leave in two and a half weeks. Well guess who has two thumbs, speaks two words of French, and has done zero packing.


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