Tuesday, May 08, 2007

This *is* productive, I promise...

There are a lot of fun things to be found on the internet. Here are a couple I've found recently:

101 Things in 1001 Days: Basically you make a list of 101 things you want to do and spend the next 1001 days working on them. I think it's a fun idea, maybe because I like deadlines and lists and things. 100 movies to watch, 50 States to visit, 1001 places to see before you die, etc. etc. At the very least, there's no harm in it. I mean, it will take me like an hour to think up 101 things I want to do. And if there's a chance that participating in a silly list/deadline/online challenge will help me get them done, then I'm all for it. The other two things are activities I'll probably try to incorporate into my 101 list --

The Letter Project: I found this via Post Secret. Someone said that they prayed for a letter in the mail and never got one, so someone emailed in this website. Basically you ask this guy to mail you a letter and he will. How cool is that?! I'm a big fan of letters. And part of me wanted to email this guy right away and say, "Hey, I love writing letters, even to random people. Do you need any help?" But then I started thinking that before I do something that drastic, I can test drive how well I would actually be able to keep up with writing letters all that time. So I'm going to start writing letters to people, friends, family, people from Anderson I haven't heard from in forever, maybe even my grandparents, finally. I have some addresses from my LifeGroup and I know Anderson automatically forwards mail the whole summer, but if you'd like to receive a letter and I don't have your address, feel free to pass is along (um, I used to know how to put my email address up on my blog. must work on that...). And I'm definitely going to email that guy and ask him to write me a letter.

Adopt a Soldier: Ok, let's be honest. It's really all about writing letters for me. I wrote letters for a couple of my friends when they went to Field Training last summer. I guess they're nice little distractions (except for my friend Joseph, who is currently stationed in Hawaii).

Letter writing is one of the best kinds of writing. For now, though, I'm off to work on Current Draft some more... or maybe distract myself by making my list of 101 things.

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William said...

I forgot to tell you last night that I was catching up on my "101 Things to Do Before You Die" book. How spooky is that? I managed to check off the "quit a job you hate" one, and I'm very nearly to the "achieve your childhood dream" one!