Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Travel Plans

Three things you don't want to hear aboard an airplane:

"Well, folks, you may have noticed that we've shut our engines down..."
"I have just a small electrical glitch on one of my instruments here. I'm going to do a control-alt-delete and basically shut down the entire system for about 30 seconds and see if that doesn't clear it up."
"I'm not lost, folks..."

Why do airline pilots call us "folks" so much? It's infinitely better to have a window seat than an aisle seat; it changes the trip drastically. And flying behind the wing may be safer (nobody from the front of the plane survived the crash on Lost, huh?), flying in front makes it seem more like a carnival ride. And don't get up before the pilot turns off the seat belt sign or the whole crew will come after you over the PA system with public humiliation on their minds (that poor woman...).

For the best view of the New York skyline, fly into La Guardia. It's even better if there's someone there waiting for you.

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