Wednesday, February 10, 2010

101 Things in 1001 Days

So a couple years ago I made a list of 101 things I'd like to do in 1001 days. My end date was February 4, 2010, so I thought I'd repost the list and whether or not I completed the items. I fell pretty short, but it's fun to have a tangible list. I italicized the things that I did. Here we go:

1. Paint a self portrait.
2. Obtain a new iPod (hmm, Christmas)
3. Ride in a Mustang
4. Give a Slice of Life at church
5. Give someone flowers for no reason
6. Break into the Big House
7. Sing karaoke
8. Write a short story for an anthology, something fun
9. Start a "scrap book" collection of my writings, rejection letters, correspondences, etc. [I think they're all in an envelope or a box or something somewhere together... Not really a great scrapbooker.]
10. Defeat Zelda on the Wii
11. Learn to knit (and knit something)
12. Read at least one book a month and feel badly if I don't read two [I didn't do well on the habitually ones, but I am proud to say I'm getting back into leisure reading.]
13. Get a credit card [I've been preapproved...? This one is happening in like the next two weeks. 1011 days?]
14. Attend a movie premiere
15. Hang out at the MET all by myself
16. Start keeping better track of my finances
17. Tell that secret
18. Finish reading the Narnia series [Yes, believing that I did read the Magician's Nephew when I was little.]
19. Send everyone in my extended family birthday cards for a year
20. Go back to AU, if only for next year's graduation [Went back for Emily and Adam's wedding sometime around the start of the list, before or after. It counts.]
21. Buy a book of the Onion's Best Of
22. Paint at least once a month
23. Go to a Michigan basketball game [I went to one... at some point in my life. I'm going to count it.]
24. Visit three new cities [Edinburgh, Las Vegas, and LA]
25. Take Lindsay out when she graduates Cederville and she has no more "rules" [Not my fault this one didn't happen.]
26. Go sledding [I lost my battery dead cellphone in the snow in a park. Miraculously, someone found it, recharged it, and called my dad. I got it back.]
27. Go to Canada with friends from Ann Arbor
28. Start the novel on our family history
29. Die my hair an unnatural color (definitely something wash out) [Red streaks, baby!]
30. Go to the top of the Empire State Building [Do you know how expensive this actually is?]
31. Take an art workshop/class
32. Convince at least one new person to participate in the Dance Marathon
33. Win a game of bowling for once
34. Visit a national park [Camping in the Smokey Mountains!]
35. Go to the northern peninsula of Michigan
36. Restore Classic on my computer so I can play Scarab of Ra [Um, you can't do this for some reason! Biggest flaw ever, Mac.]
37. Find Dino Park Tycoon [Ditto above.]
38. Pick a list of 100 greatest movies and watch the ones I haven't seen [Yeah, I'm a terrible film person.]
39. Fill up one of my prayer/spiritual journals
40. Go kite-flying at night, preferably in the snow
41. Memorize a Bible verse a month
42. Buy a plant and manage to keep it alive for the whole school year
43. Go back to HCA or alumni night at least once
44. Every time I'm with friends and see those overpriced photo booths, take pictures [Yes, I did not realize HOW overpriced or how prevalent they are. Still, I did this once with Best Friend D. We got tiny stickers with a Jaws shark approaching our tiny heads.]
43. Go to at least three balls every year
44. Send an anonymous valentine
45. Buy the second book of the Firebird series to complete my trilogy
46. See a meteor shower [NOT for lack of trying! Curse you, cloudy nights.]
47. Go to a food festival/state fair/renaissance fair (or something similar)
48. Give up something for Lent
49. Go to the top of the Bell Tower when the bells are ringing
50. Throw a surprise party
51. Take a spring break trip with friends
52. Play scratch lotto
53. Finish a novel independent of National Novel Writing Month
54. Adopt a Soldier
55. Write 2 letters a week as a habit
56. Take swing dancing lessons for at least a semester and then find a nice place to go swing dancing so I can wear that super cute dress Aunt Pat bought for me yesterday
57. Drink water with one meal a day as a habit
58. Enter the Nicholl every year
59. Write my own song, music and lyrics
60. Go to a concert
61. Paint my face for a Michigan Football game [Ok, so I never really painted my face. But I wore face tattoos all the time and once let Dear Friend G doodle on my face with a blue crayon. He said it was Mike Hart's running pattern.]
62. Write and shoot my own short
63. Get an internship
64. Graduate [I was really reaching by this point, can't you tell?]
65. Send Adam Brody a query about The 4:05
66. Go to L.A. [Um, does this mean I can't count LA for the three new cities one?]
67. Organize my photos on Snapfish
68. Back up my computer [Yet, I did this one early on in the game. Probably do for another back up.]
69. Smash pennies on the train tracks
70. Go to an outdoor film
71. Attend at least one showing at the Ann Arbor Film Festival
72. Find the Times Square kiss purse and buy it
73. Finish reading the books of the New Testament [Ugh, perhaps most mortified about this one. Still working on it.]
74. Throw an Oscar party
75. Throw another pirate party
76. See the Wilsons again [ :-) ]
77. Have 7 completed feature length screenplays by the end of the 1001 days (including ones already written) [Five completed features and two TV scripts.]
78. Go star gazing [We canoed out to the middle of a lake and went star gazing. It was pretty cool.]
79. Watch the sunrise over the ocean [Saw a sunset over the Pacific.]
80. See the Northern Lights
81. Buy a fish as a pet
82. Kiss in the rain
83. Go sailing
84. Have a girls-only picnic
85. Get on a bus/train not knowing where I'm going until I buy the ticket
86. Read the Purpose Driven Life
87. Help out with youth group for a school year
88. Start tithing again [Does it count if I start this week?]
89. Grow out my hair to cut it for Locks of Love again [I got impatient and cut it at 8 inches. It didn't go to Locks of Love, but I sent it to Pantene's similar organization.]
90. Go Christmas caroling
91. Write another Star Wars story
92. Write fan mail to get at least one celebrity autograph
93. Get my driver's license [HA! Take that, all you doubters.]
94. Visit at least 2 new countries [Does Scotland count as a country? Even still, I'm only halfway there.]
95. Visit at least 5 new states [Nevada, California. I don't think Utah counts since I only had a layover in it.]
96. Visit Sarah at PBA and Lindsay at Cederville
97. Once a season, take a day just to walk around with my camera and take pictures
98. Act in a short film again [I had a cameo in my own! ;) ]
99. Write a story on my typewriter (make sure I have tape for it)
100. Get a professional massage
101. Make it to Florida for Holly's wedding [Though it was held in Indiana instead.]

It would be kinda cool to make a second list for the next 1001 days because my life could be increasingly fluid in the next few years. But I think instead that I should just keep working on this list. :)

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