Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Poor Taste

I'm in Florida for a few days, relaxing on vaca (it's so hip to say "vaca") and visiting family. I've found my place in my family. I make humorous though mildly inappropriate jokes, like telling my grandma - in front of my grandpa - that moving to independent living will give her a chance to move in with her boyfriend. Or that my grandpa should start a boys' night with poker and cigars and gambling. (It doesn't take much to be mildly inappropriate with my family.)

Amanda the Aspiring Writer has a link to the WB Workshop winners. I was thinking back on my experience with the WB Workshop, and I realized that I never got a rejection letter. Maybe I did something wrong with my application, though I'm not sure what. I think my Bones script that I sent in had a lot of potential. I'd like to rework it, but I've heard that Bones scripts are getting stale. I'll ruminate on it. I've been ruminating on my rom com as well. Lots of ruminating in this writing job.

Also, my all-time favourite TV character? I'd probably have to go with the character that's made me sound much more intellectual and well read than I actually am. Definitely Wishbone.

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